Thank you for your interest in Dspace Vietnam !

All Dspace’s pages developed by Dspace Vietnam are using Dspace version 5.2. On top of default feature, we have integrated all new features which are developed by Dspace Vietnam.

  1. To experience Dspace’s basic features such as:
    • Search materials by using different methods
    • Read online (Document Viewer) for the documents of all types such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.
    • Video/Audio streaming
    • Configure access permissions

    Click on the link and sign in with username/password below

    - Link:

    - Username: dlcorp

    - Password: dlcorp

  2. To try completely new administration interfaces with functionalities such as:
    • Create and delete users by batch in web interface
    • Configure access permission by tree-hierarchy structure
    • Manage users/group of users
    • Use the mouse to move materials and collections between collections and community
    • Create reports with graphical views and choose time period for each report

Click here or contact us via telephone number +844 66552836 or email for free account registration.

Dspace Demo